Oh the Shame of it all! (not really!)

Oh the Shame of it all!  (not really!)

Do you ever feel guilty when you haven’t done a thing wrong? I think we have all been there. These are some of my thoughts on the matter to give you a laugh.


1 thought on “Oh the Shame of it all! (not really!)

  1. Hi Laura,

    I just read all but this last one (Elephant Journal would not let me read any more).

    Excellent as always – Bittersweet (very profound) – Grass is Greener (so true and so well written).

    Making some progress on “mess” – started a new diet today – Dr. Oz’s Two week diet – threww out ALL of the bad stuff – wheat, sugar, candy, fruit cake, etc.

    The Detox baths also sound good – will send you information on this – will buy the Epson salts and baking soda tomorrow.

    Been VERY cold here – down to ZERO – in the 40s today.

    Getting files set up for this year, filing items away, going to write Thank You notes tomorrow.  Did you receive the items from Amazon yet?

    Think I will clean up the kitchen, get ready for bed and maybe even go to sleep early tonight.

    Hope your week is going GREAT – keep writing.

    I will be painting soon – just want to have a place for everything first and then I can relax…think getting off of wheat and sugar will calm me down – you might want to try it also – go to Dr. Oz’s site.

    Nite, nite, sweet one – I will be home all week.

    Love and huggies, Diana



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