Happy Birthday to My Sister!


In many ways she is not only my sister, but my confidant, my best friend and even a daughter and a mother on certain levels at times. We have been partners in just about everything: Crime, grief, joy, giggles galore, and especially survival.

We grew particularly close when we were young and had a less than ideal home environment. We clung to each other, bathed together, and at times slept in the same bed. And we made it through to the other side. We were each others best allies and friends when we were kids and after a few recent-ish tumultuous years we are once again side by side in spirit and our bond is stronger than ever before.

But this is not what this is about.

This is about celebrating my sister who I love with every cell of my being. The one who makes my heart swell with love, pride, admiration and, yes, worry at times.

She has always been a funny girl. Oodles of laughter bubbling up from her perpetually upwardly curved lips. And so strong in spirit. She has never changed in character either. What you see is what you get and she tells it straight and like it is. She hates the phone, but will talk if I call, which makes me feel oh so special.  🙂

Just look at her and see a little of what I see:

Joanie, I love you and see you for your amazing and uniquely beautiful self.


Look at my sister


Look at my sister

Look at the light in her eyes

Look again because there is a lot there to see

Those deep brown eyes that have seen so much of everything good and bad

But seem to only peer into and perceive the positive of what is today



Look at my sister

Watch her dance spontaneously

Or do a cartwheel down the hall at work

Full of surprises that delight




Look at my sister

Making people grateful everywhere she goes

To know her is to love her

Her friends and family are the lucky ones

To spend even a moment by her infectious side



Look at my sister

The life of the party

The girl people want to emulate

The girl that people flock too

She is magnetic



Look at my sister

So sharp in wit and mind

Always ready with a swift comeback

On the tip of her tongue

Spilling from her in amazing ways—without effort



Look at my sister

And a tenderhearted person

A soul that deserves to be celebrated

And appreciated

Never to be taken for granted



Look at my sister

She has not had an easy life

She is a survivor and a warrior

Who does not dwell in the past

She lives bravely and contentedly in the here and now



Look at my sister

But don’t try to pull one over on her

Because she will know immediately

She’s smart like that and nobody’s fool

I taught her a bit of this myself



Look at my sister

The other half of my soul

The person who knows everything about me

Who still chooses to love me for who I am, regardless of my faults

The one person besides my children and husband who I would lay down my life for



Look at my sister

But don’t you dare touch her

Unless she invites you to

Embracing you with one of her warm and passionate hugs

You are extremely lucky if you get one



Look at my sister

Look again

And again

See the beauty that her soul emits and see even a glimmer of what I do

And you might come to understand why my heart will always belong to her

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This Cat Gives a New Meaning to the Phrase 'Going Postal' (Click on photo for story and video)

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