First Reblog Ever for me, but it is an important issue—Contemplate Conscientious Consumerism Now. (click photo)


First Reblog Ever for me, but it is an important issue---Contemplate Conscientious Consumerism Today (click photo)

This is all about how we can be taken advantage of by big companies. And I have not been immune.

We are all at risk when we see intriguing, convincing, and manipulative commercials, product packaging and interact with salespeople who naturally are coming from a place of bias. Remember that these companies are not always your friend and there main goal is to get you to buy their product.

It is good to always ask questions about the who’s, what’s, where’s, and why’s of various products before we spend our hard earned money on them.

Further, extra special care must be taken in the case of foods, nutritional supplements and medicines that may not be good for us as the companies might want us to believe. Do a little research!

And of course it is good to question what a product does for or to our world and its people.

And one request—Please pass this message along, as it affects pretty much everyone out there—health, environment, and pocketbook included.