This man is dying to be heard. Please listen.


This man is dying to be heard.  Please listen.

War rages on in Afghanistan, beautiful communities of kind people with passionate hearts can be found. These people are like any other—they want to be acknowledged and for their voices to be heard and not be taken for granted. They do not want pity—they want change. They do not want war—they want peace. They crave good education—sadly, this is not a given. But, I am getting ahead of myself. . .

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Favorite Things. {Poem}


Favorite Things


Sandcastle sifting

Eyelashes drifting


Make a wish

Blow a kiss



Berry pies


A jasmine breeze

Honey bees


A rose with morning dew

A baby birthed anew


Soulful eyes

Azure Blue skies


A great book on a sunny shore

A shady hammock; a little snore


Whispering softly

Clouds that are lofty


A crinoline skirt

The wink of a flirt


Honey in tea

Just you and me


~ Laura Kutney

Go ahead & Laugh: My Most Embarrassing Moment.


Go ahead & Laugh: My Most Embarrassing Moment.

I was in shock and he looked baffled. “Where did the ball go?” he asked.

I have no memory of what happened after that, but his question still echoes in my head 25 years later:

Where did the ball go?

Where did the ball go?

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On being grateful and a give-away!


On being grateful and a give-away!

I love this quote and wanted to say that I am grateful for all of my readers here. You make me feel like what I am doing matters and that is a LOT! So thank you!

As a token of my appreciation, two of those who like my blog and comment about what they are grateful for (or anything they would like to say) under this post, will be entered into a drawing for a free one-year subscription to the elephant journal. I will announce the winners on June 1st!

Please spread the word and thank you once again.

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No H8: 13 Quotes to Inspire Peaceful Action.


No H8: 13 Quotes to Inspire Peaceful Action.

“See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.”

It is impossible to shelter ourselves from those who do or say evil. We are also human and fallible by nature. This means that we will partake in evil doings, whether they be spoken or acted out, during our lives—and probably quite often, if we are downright honest about it.

So what is the trick to being a good person even though we falter at times?

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