Sweetest Sister Ever Expresses her Feelings about her Baby Brother.


This is the sweetest story/video that I have come across in quite some time. (Warning: You may need a tissue or two.)

“Leave it to a very special and wise-hearted little girl to remind us what is truly important in life: Feelings of love. Enjoying a loved one’s smile. And most of all, being present in our emotions and our relationships so that we may enjoy each precious moment that we are given with vulnerability and open hearts.”

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Let Your Love & Light Shine.


The only obsession everyone wants: ‘love.’ People think that in falling in love they make themselves whole? The Platonic union of souls? I think otherwise. I think you’re whole before you begin. And the love fractures you. You’re whole, and then you’re cracked open. ” ~ Philip Roth

To read entire article, please click link:  Let Your Love & Light Shine.