My Words of Love.


We all need to be heard…

I was contemplating this need after a conversation that I had with a dear friend. I had shared a poem with him and he explained that it caused deep feelings to well from the depths his heart. He was sad and told me that he felt like crying. This was the exact feeling that I had experienced upon reading the very same poem that I had sent to him.

The more that I thought about our exchange, the more I came to believe that I am at my most vulnerable with my writing when I am creating poetry. Somehow, this form of writing opens up the gates to my heart more than with any other type of writing is able to do.

I also feel that poems, when read or heard, dig a little deeper into our souls than any other form of written medium.

Further, I realized that when you have a very good friend, you can’t always hold back information that touches your own heart in an effort to spare their heart. We are on this earth to laugh and cry together.

The following poem was inspired by the above conversation with my friend. I was also inspired by another beautiful friend’s vision of how poetry (writing, reading, and sharing) frees our souls and touches all of us so deeply as every ‘Journey of the Heart’ inevitably does.

comming out








My Words of Love Soar

There are no corners I must round
No introductions or polite words are needed before impatient words lingering upon my on my tongue are pushed forth by eager breath

No stop signs, hills or dips in the road will slow my mouth’s journey as it shapes the words my heart longs to share

No, no my sweet—My love travels to you by way of a free bird in flight
Not wasting one moment’s hesitation before takeoff or landing
Nothing will prolong the words that must I share with you

Listen carefully, my dear
My message will flow swiftly from my lips to your ears without delay

There exist no reasons to ever think twice before I speak
For my words are honest
And truthfulness should never be harnessed or suppressed

I know at times my words will cut you deeply
But, anything else that I might say would be dishonest
And you deserve better than broken truths

So, I will continue to present my raw and truthful words to you
As they journey from my heart ablaze
By way of the free bird’s swift flight
Timed perfectly while undeterred at the exact moment they spring from my lips

My thoughts are but heart songs carried by the ways of the winged
Each flutter of their glorious wings carrying my messages
In perfect rhythmic synchronicity with each beat of my heart

***This was originally published at Women’s Spiritual Poetry where many beautiful and inspiring poems can be found!***

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