Let Your Heart Fly & Your Soul Roar.


We have all been shaken by life events. Some more so than others, but no one’s life is a constant party. We have all been hurt and this pain may have stopped or delayed us from living out our passions to the fullest.

I strongly believe that finding our passion and carrying it out to the best of our abilities has a healing effect on each and every one of us.

My writing has always made my heart sing. I started as soon as I could hold a pencil. Although there were some dark years, I still wrote when I could, but more recently my passion has taken flight.

I may not be as polished or as eloquent as others, but writing is my release and my joy. I am happy and unashamed to share my words with the world today. This has opened my soul up in so many ways, and I can’t say how grateful that I am for this blessing.

I urge everyone to look within the depths of your own being and start living what calls to your own heart and soul. It is never too late and it may not be perfect (this was a fear of my own), but listening to your calling and living out your own authentic truth will set you free.

Let your Heart Fly & Your Soul Roar ~ by, Laura Kutney

Been abused and tossed around
My voice was silenced
Left with no sound
Years went by
Volume set on mute
Not my choosing – Neither coy nor cute

Many years passed by
Picked up a pen
Began to write once again
Volumes later
Truth told at last
Bleeding staunched and in the past

My heart flew and my soul roared
Glanced back over my shoulder one time more. . .
Chains lay broken on the floor

3 thoughts on “Let Your Heart Fly & Your Soul Roar.

  1. Dear Laura,

    This is ONE of your best – maybe the best – you are letting go and doing exactly as you say in your writing and poetry….

    So proud of you…

    Love you so much, my dear one, Diana


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