Airbnb & your Personal Safety.

After receiving an invitation to a friend’s wedding in Irvine, California, I got right to work searching for the perfect place to stay with my husband and our two dogs for our upcoming weekend trip.

Traveling with dogs adds an extra layer of complexity to trip planning, even if they’re well behaved, as many locations don’t want to take a chance. Luckily, Airbnb has plenty of pet-friendly units. Although I had one horrible stay in an Airbnb rented beach house, chock full of black mold, I have since done my due diligence to hopefully ensure that I will never repeat a nightmarish trip like that.

I searched Airbnb for an unshared one bedroom, pet-friendly apartment with an Airbnb verified super host with plenty of five-star ratings.

And Bingo! Just like that, I found a unit that checked all of my boxes at a reasonable price.

The apartment is at The Park at Irvine Spectrum, a luxurious planned community, complete with saltwater pools, Starbucks, gyms, a safe gated community, a shopping mall, and a community dog park, just steps from the apartment.


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This man is dying to be heard. Please listen.


This man is dying to be heard.  Please listen.

War rages on in Afghanistan, beautiful communities of kind people with passionate hearts can be found. These people are like any other—they want to be acknowledged and for their voices to be heard and not be taken for granted. They do not want pity—they want change. They do not want war—they want peace. They crave good education—sadly, this is not a given. But, I am getting ahead of myself. . .

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