Amazing, Incredible, and Not to Be Missed!

This must be seen to be believed. This young firecracker of an 11 year-old girl is sure to change the world with her words! Warning:  Get a tissue before you click on link.


Understanding my Dyslexia. A Personal Story.


I never knew why I didn’t know my right from my left or why I had to use an eraser far more often than everyone else around me.  This is a personal story about finding out, accepting  and understanding my learning disability.

“I now embrace what makes me unique, even if it labels me, and am much more easygoing about it.” Laura Kutney

Marilyn Monroe had Sex Appeal, but what if I told you she was Made of Kisses?


Marilyn Monroe had Sex Appeal, but what if I told you she was Made of Kisses?How fitting would that be? And it’s true! Well, sort of. . .

As an art lover, I love to see something done out of the box. I was so inspired when I saw this kissed portrait, of Marilyn Monroe—It is both the subject and the method together that made this art-work stand out as exceptional to me.

We probably can all agree that a good kiss can blow one’s mind, but what is it about a kiss that makes it so special?

When I think about what makes a phenomenal kiss, a lot of thoughts come to mind. I think about the fervor, sensuality and the feel of intent behind the kiss.

And there are so many different types of kisses- friendly pecks on the cheek to the deeply passionate French kiss.

In many ways kisses can be much more personal than even sex, and I think Marilyn would have agreed with that:

“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.” — Marilyn Monroe

I have a friend of mine, now divorced, who described kissing her ex-husband as, “As passionate as kissing a piece of cardboard.” No one would possibly care to do that, right? Where would the excitement in that be?

Well, I have actually found an artist who can make kissing a piece of paper with intent, touching to one’s spirit.

Her name is Alexis Fraser and she actually kissed a portrait of Marilyn Monroe over a four day period using just two tubes of lipstick.  I was astonished when I first saw this, thinking that it couldn’t be real, but it is!

I think the subject matter of such a sensual person being kissed into creation is beyond incredible! This is the kind of incredible that blows my mind!

It’s already impressive when an artist uses a brush to paint something wonderful, but I this is some altogether kind of talent. I love Alexis’s creativity and I bet you will feel the same after watching her in action and seeing the result. . .